Sound Design: “Queen”

Around about a year ago I was fortunate enough to do grip work for a friend’s production, “Queen.” I had brushed past my friend Blair in the hallway of the university “studios.” He was frantically talking to someone on the phone and gestured me excitedly to wait. So I go into the animation room to unpack my supplies, and fifteen minutes later he is talking up some crazy film he plans to shoot this week. Having spent the last two months animating in solitude, I figured that I could benefit from some human interaction – particularly that of a film set. I was also pleased to hear Derek Shreves was behind the camera as well as Adam Santiago recording sound.

Fast forward 8 months and I’m sound designing the very same project. It’s awesome when you get the opportunity to build off of the work of those you really respect. That being said, I’m very grateful to put my own flavor into this project.

TL;DR – I helped grip a set and now I’m the sound designer. The sound design should be done this February, and hopefully shortly after that, hit the festival circuit. You can temporarily see a preview of Queen at the end of my sound design reel at about (2:30).


Stay tuned for other media projects I’m involved in! If you forgot how you got here, follow this link to my website. 



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